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World’s biggest face recognition system in India

Do you know, who is using world’s biggest face recognition system, Its Indian Police!!  Face recognition system is a technology used to detect, identify and verify people from a photo or a video source. There are many ways to identify but the general procedure involves matching of some facial expressions from a given database and hence recognise the person. It compares certain features with a given database.

K. Sivan-Head scientist at ISRO confirmed that, no delays or affects will be on the scheduled AI Robot on Moon-Project Gaganaut.

Vyomamitra is an anthromorphic robot set to test viability to send human driven space programs in 2022 (as planned), an Artificial Intelligence, designed to mimic the features of a human being and test the essential survivability conditions is surely a good step on the part of ISRO.

How does Internet Works?

Only 7 companies in the world are responsible for putting up submarine cable network around the globe, these companies are called “Tier 1 companies”, these companies are-

Level 3 Communications


-Global Telecom and Technology……

USB or Universal Serial Bus is one of the most essential developments made in the mobile phone industry in the past 2 decades. It is the universal standard that has been the center of wired data and power transfer for 20 years now. Launching of USB 4 is in news for some time now.



Ajay Bhat-Indian Chief Systems Technologist was the person responsible for inventing USb technology.


Due to the recent COVID pandemic, the term “CoronaVirus” is quite a subject nowadays everywhere. So, What is CoronaVirus?. When will a vaccine be available? 

CoronaVirus or loosely called Corona is a family of similar type of virus strain which ranges from influenza Flu to Ebola to SARS disease. A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat….

Mukesh Ambani Led Reliance Jio concluded their 43rd Annual General Meeting via video conferencing. Many investors and market specialists eyed on Mr. Ambani’s future plans. Major highlights were on 5g launch in India, Here are all the highlights of the event.

From the past month, Jio has attracted several big investors, Reliance Jio platforms has sold around 32.94% stake to 13 different investors to get rid of the debt of the company by March 2021.

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Are Ghosts Real? Real Incidents on ghosts sighting is a
common topic throughout the modern era, be it the topics like “real Anabella doll” or Bhangarh for haunting stories in Rajasthan, India.

There has been many popular stories around fake or real
ghost sightings throughout the modern generation. We will analyse one by one every popular tales of haunting prevailing in the black book of satan. 

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Due to the spread of covid-19, which is forcing people to stay at their homes and maintain social distancing, has led to a gush in latest and new downloads of various consumers and enterprise apps in the west. But in India, the largest open market globally, things have taken a slightly different turn, Read about most affected apps from lockdown in India